Reflection On Realism

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ROSITES, Kevin Patrick D. Reflection Paper 11585684 ON REALISM Upon my development of knowledge in the field of International Relations and/or Global Society, It has come to my logical attention that most IR scholars would sit on Realism as the most prevalently used and reliable theory to explain phenomena such as power competition, terrorism, wars and the like of such. To be honest, yes, it is dependable in analyzing the mentioned phenomena but who would be very comfortable experiencing such especially when all you wanted in life is peace and harmony. Well, Realism emphasizes enduring propensity for conflict between states (Stephen Waltz, 1998.) It depicts as a struggle for power especially among self-interested states and generally pessimistic about the possibilities of eliminating conflicts and war. The pessimism of realist theory would often focus on wars, terrorism and insecurity. This reminds me of a question baffled by John Mearsheimer’s Tragedy of Great Power Politics asking the possibility of bringing back order in anarchy and puzzling us with a retort that the world will never achieve stability because each state never trusts each other. Each state will maximize its power by paying attention to their relative gains in order to maintain statism and self-defense. The Hobbesian ideas on human nature lies on the state of human insecurity as H. Morgenthau argued that if we understand the failing in human nature and the condition of insecurity on
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