Reflective Essay On Rhetorical Analysis In English

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During the semester, I wrote the summary and response, the rhetorical analysis and the argument essay. Personally I feel that I benefitted most from the summary and response because it was the longest summary and response I have written. I used to write only one-paragraph summary and response. Therefore, writing a long summary and response taught me so many things. Besides, the rhetorical analysis and the argument easy helped me a lot. I have learnt what logos, ethos and pathos are and how to rebut others opinions. Overall, all the essays I wrote during this semester improved my English skills very much. My favorite essay is the summary and response for I enjoyed the process of writing this essay. Besides, I am most satisfied with my summary and response. Before the time I began the essay, I was allowed to find the article that I loved, which made me very interested in writing this essay. Then I repeated the article I found in my own words, which is the process of writing the summary. I not only showed my own opinion but also shared many interesting experiences in my response. According to the test, I am a person who likes sharing. Especially, I…show more content…
As the test tells, I am a person who likes challenges. However, finding a proper article for writing the rhetorical analysis was very difficult for I had to find an article which has enough rhetorical devices to be analyzed. As for the writing process, it’s much easier. I just needed to copy some sentences, point out the rhetorical devices and give my reasons. Therefore, writing the rhetorical analysis is a little easy and boring compared to writing other essays. Nevertheless, I learned many rhetorical devices from writing the rhetorical, such as logos, ethos and pathos. I can recognize these devices easily, but using them is still a little difficult. Writing this essay showed me the higher level of writing in
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