Reflection On Reflection

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INTRODUCTION: Reflective journal is the combination of one own thinking with his/her learning. This application of knowledge acquired by learning in anyone’s life is known as reflection. So, here is my reflection that which I acquired by learning this leading ad managing organisational change subject. CONCEPTS WHICH I LEARNED: From the day one of my course I started learning many new concepts that would be really helpful for anyone who really wants to lead a good and peaceful role in an organisation as well as in personal life. There are several concepts which I learned but I believe that certain concepts like learning process of change, differences between a group and an individual, improving effectiveness, nature of team change, similarities and differences of an organisation development and transformation, importance of creativity would really help me to lead as a successful manager in my upcoming professional career. PRACTICAL APPLICATION: I not only learned many new concepts but also applied them in my role play which I performed in a group as a part of my assessment. It was really a wonderful and knowledge gaining experience for me. I was one of the six members in my role-play group from which I learned a few concepts on teamwork and also how to deal with the people with different attitudes. In the role-play, our team was assigned with topic about to deal with the cultural differences in an organisation that deals with micro-electronics situated both in Australia and

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