Reflection On Reflective Thinking

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The University of Sydney assesses reflective thinking as an individual response to experiences and events based on new information learnt. It also regards reflective thinking as a process whereby analysis of thought and internalising information exist. What reflection thinking does according to the school, is that it provides an opportunity to explore many questions. As a result, the process of reflective thinking takes place with the person and allows one to consider their own thoughts on a matter before analyzing the work of others. The best practice in this regard is for a person to reflect on their experiences which are in similarity to that of another’s to determine how it may be different and how a process is done.
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At that point I tried to imagine what this course would entail. It felt interesting however, to embark on a program which was a curiosity to me as I had heard so much about research in my place of work where researchers were usually called in to provide research on various areas or projects undertaken by the institution. From this I observed that research brought with it a certain level of job independence and I thought it would be an asset for consultancy work.
It was soon realised that undertaking a research paper required much more than what I had imagined. Firstly selecting a research problem which was the first activity presented some concern as in my mind coming up with the topic would have been the more logical approach. This was clearly going to be a learning experience. The theory of finding a hypothesis was also new, having come across this theory in Business Mathematics and it appeared that the course was putting the cart before the horse. I later realised that approaching the research from the hypothesis perspective allowed the researcher to be better able to come to the solution and keep the research on track. However the hypothesis also came with its own procedures. It was defined as an assumption made to compare two variables (Shalini, Prasad et al,
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This new theory meant that all research must consider ethical issues (Royal Holloway University, UK). Research Philosophy and design was also an “eye opener” as the idea of a research philosophy was a new idea to me. I decided to choose Ontology which describes the study of being i.e. investigation the world reality. (Guba and Lincoln). This meaning is further enhanced by Sage Publications which adds that it is better to understand the “assumptions” made in support of the research Chosen. (Ch. 2, Research Philosophy and Qualitative Interviews, Sage
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