Reflection On Reflective Thinking

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INTRODUCTION The University of Sydney assesses reflective thinking as an individual response to experiences and events based on new information learnt. It also regards reflective thinking as a process whereby analysis of thought and internalising information exist. What reflection thinking does according to the school, is that it provides an opportunity to explore many questions. As a result, the process of reflective thinking takes place with the person and allows one to consider their own thoughts on a matter before analyzing the work of others. The best practice in this regard is for a person to reflect on their experiences which are in similarity to that of another’s to determine how it may be different and how a process is done. (University of Sydney, Current Students, Reflective Writing). The University of Portsmouth however takes the view that reflective writing provides “reflective thinking” by…show more content…
The framework works by establishing a form sot that better internalizing of the experience can be captured which can be used to compare the experiences of others. (Oxford Brookes University (GB). The University of Birmingham notes that reflective writing exists so that one can learn and improve. In support of this a “reflective journal” may be necessary for taking down any notes and reflections. To illustrate this point the writer uses the Gibbs Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1988), which suggests that the following sections should be taken into account: Description of what transpired, Personal Feelings, Evaluating the experience, Analyzing the situation, Forming a Conclusion and creating an action plan if necessary. This is an effort to keep the writing structured. (University of Birmingham, A Short Guide to Reflective, Writing, Library

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