Reflection On Relationship-Based Practice

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(SUCG). The aim of this reflective account is to reflect back on an interview intervention with a member of the service user carer group, who was seeking respite care for her son with special needs ad autism. Reflection is important because it leads to better social work practice and it enhances professional development (Maclean, 2010). Reflection also allows me an opportunity to question my learning and developing it further (Maclean, 2010) so that it will help with future practice. Although the definition of relationship-based practice cannot be easily explained, Hollis (1964) simplifies it as “closely related to and builds in psychosocial approaches to practice and the psychodynamically informed case-work tradition.” Furthermore, two communication skills that I demonstrated during the intervention; empathy and listening skills, will be evaluated.…show more content…
(2011) stated that relationship-based practice is important because it encourages a practitioner to act in the service user’s best interests by “holistically understanding the service user’s response to a certain situation.” This includes understanding their cultural backgrounds, needs and values so that their response is supported and understood. Wilson et al. (2011) suggests that relationship-based practice is important in a social work setting as it understands that human behaviour and the professional relationship is an essential component on any professional intervention. The relationship based practise emphases the importance of the ‘use of self’ in interventions as it contributes to a professional’s experiences (Ruch, et al., 2010). This is supported by the professional capabilities framework (PCF) domain one (Professionalism) as it states the importance of making skilled use of self as part of interventions that aim to help clients and being able to maintain awareness of own professional limitations and knowledge
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