Reflection On Righteousness

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that is termed living in an unreasonable life. So righteousness’ is not just about what you think is in you that will guarantee your going to heaven, but that which you do that helps to transform the world into a better place than you met it. Don’t forget the drive of the Father is the Earth recreation into a paradise state that it was before the fall. And your life style is an impute in this regard.

So Paul would say, the true life of righteousness that can only be imparted by Christ, is worth living out;
“So that you may be men of transparent character, and may be blameless, in preparation for the day of Christ, Being filled with these fruits of righteousness which come through Jesus Christ-- to the glory and praise of God”.Phiipians.1:10-11.WNT
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The period of sorrow was the persecution they will face when their leader was taken from them, but He came back to them as the Holy Spirit, fulfilling the ‘little while’ that He promised them. The man-child is the birth of the New Church as the Holy Spirit was released. That empowered church that was destined to rule, that really shook the Roman Empire. Thus we found that no persecution or trial was able to shake their faith; therefore, in the midst of all their afflictions, they had an unshaken source of joy. The resurrection was such an assurance to them, that they should never have a doubt concerning it and the rest of the promises He made to them; and consequently that their joy should be great and permanent, knowing that the atonement has been made, the victory over death and the world gained, and the kingdom of heaven opened to such that will be humbled enough to believe.
The same faith follows all those who are in the kingdom today, with absolute confidence in the Lord as we live out the life In the Holy Ghost. So we are talking about the Joy as Produced by the Holy

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