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Participating in this role play was much easier to handle. Especially when it comes down to me playing in character. I learned with the first set of role plays that I am good at getting assigned a role and playing it well. I like that the scenario was picked out and it was myself and partner responsibility to make the whole role play come together playing the roles of social workers. What we did first was sat down together to figure out the family in which we had. We went through every question on the list answering them together. While we were understanding the family and there strengthens, we were also figuring out ways we could best assist the family. Then we research what intervention method we could best use for the family we had. Once…show more content…
From there we wrote the paper together and then came together two days before the role plays and picked people from the class we believe could best play the parts. We had to discuss how we wanted each family member role to take place and how we wanted their overall angle to be even though we gave them options to pick the side in which they felt fit best once we got the role play going in class. Throughout my role play I felt I used the check list on the social work skills rubric o guide me in the practice. I know when Adam talked about taking care of his brother and him trying to do the best he can, I conveyed empathy, warmth, and genuineness on the response I had given him, If I was in a real session, I would had told someone that it is not about being like his parents but being the best provider that he…show more content…
I also like how the both of us came up with questions that were not pre made and that we genuinely wanted to help our family. We came in thinking and preparing for the family need additional services and once they did not present that we rolled with what we had. This role play felt real and made me feel more comfortable then the last one. The activity we gave the young boy was great but I do believe that we could have come up with better thought provoking questions for him to answer when he returned to the session. I think with more time we could have dig deeper to the root of the young boy issues. I know somewhere in a child’s schooling that he has met or seen people with intellectual disabilities. So I guess understanding why he was so embarrassed of a grown but well respected man that was his family bothered

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