Reflection On Ruby Mendenhall

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On Monday, the 19th of October, I walked into a room that gave me an new insight of the daily experience of African American who live in south of Chicago. Ruby Mendenhall, the speaker of the event, she told the crow that she begin to thinking to change the situation by putting actually work and create new policies that will help African American families who constantly living under pressure because of so many American American children shooting that were occurring in the past few years. In the presentation she mentioned something that I found strongly connected to the course material; African American families are living under constant pressure and stress because of the society shaped it that way; just like during the slavery era. African American mothers are always worried about their children’s safety. Because of the lack of money and the laws design in against African Americans in a lot of regions, these families are not able to move out. In comparison with the women in slavery era, they were always worried about their children as…show more content…
This mean that, many African American women and children in south Chicago have different personalities after experiencing the tremendous amount of stress. Then I wonder, where do all these stress come from? It’s south Chicago, known as poor, violence, and unsafe. Throughout Ruby Mendenhall’s presentation I learned that, under the circumstance of poverty, things become extremely different, they need to worry about shelter, food, and transportation and etc. It is easy to say to get a job or move out of the community, but it is almost impossible. Just like what we are learning now in the class, women who were slave didn’t have any choice over anything whatsoever, they have to work extra for better food and clothing and better care of their kids. Sometimes they even have to conduct sexual activity with slave
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