Reflection On Salvation By Faith

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Most people do not like handouts; they feel like there is a catch somewhere. You give me something for nothing and I begin to feel mighty suspicious. The Jews in Paul’s day were just like that. They were highly religious and would not accept the concept of salvation by faith for they were addicted to pursuing salvation through the works of the law.

The Apostle Paul loved these people, for they were his very own, and he longed for their salvation in Christ. Here in this contemplation based on Romans 10:1-21, he is outlining to them, as he has done elsewhere, God’s redemption plan for the Jew and the entire world based not on conformity to The Law but on the work and person of Jesus Christ. In the entire Bible it is pellucid clear that salvation is the work of God alone and, despite the Calvinism / Arminianism divide, man can do nothing to contribute to his own salvation, hence “All our righteousness are as filthy rags” (Isaiah 64: 6b). No matter how good you are, or the amount of good work you do, you can never earn salvation. Salvation comes by accepting Jesus Christ by faith as provided for in God’s redemption plan.

As we proceed with this meditation we will do so by examining some truths under the following headings:


We see Israel 's pitiful condition
You can feel Paul’s deep concern and pity for the Jews as he describes their condition and desires their salvation, “Brethren, my heart 's desire and prayer to God for Israel is,
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