Reflection On Schooling The World

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Critical Reflection
On Schooling the world
Schooling the world: The White Man’s Last Burden is a 65 minutes documentary, which is produced by Jim Hurst and directed by Carol Black in 2010. Not only is this documentary really interesting and filled with powerful messages, but it also covers mostly everything we have read about in this course. The primary purpose of this documentary is to make people aware of the damage that the west is causing by imposing its modern education on the other countries of the world, more specifically third world countries. From this principal message, several other themes derive, themes that we have thoroughly studied in class and that I will discuss later. In this documentary, I have identified three principal ideas: firstly, the powerful image of the west and its education in the world, secondly, the real and actual situation of western countries, and thirdly, the effects that the western education has on third world countries.
First of all, the documentary shows the power of the west from the past till today. The documentary shows a picture that portrays a campaign poster for the Republican Party in July 12, 1900 in which McKinley quoted: “The American flag has not been planted in foreign soil to acquire more territory but for humanity’s sake”. People all around the world have complete faith in the western education; they believe that it will solve the problems of the third world countries, that it will lift them out of poverty and help
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