Reflection On Self Development

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INTRODUCTION: To live is to act. To act is to decide. Everyday work and life are an endless sequence of decisions. Some of the decisions are small and inconsequential, and some are large and life-determining. Critical thinking, when deeply understood, enables you to take control of the thinking you are doing in every part of your life. It enables you to solve problems more effectively, make better decisions, as well as recognize pathological and manipulative thinking. This essay is reflection of self-development which I have gained via internship at NOVOTEL HOTEL. This essay focuses on the experiences and challenges which I have gained through this practical experience. In this essay first I have focused on the Personal and Professional skills and knowledge which I have gained through this experience. After this I will evaluate these skills with my current skills and knowledge. And at last I will conclude it. PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: Throughout my internship at NOVOTEL HOTEL I have learnt many lessons for my personal and professional growth. Let’s first discuss about the personal growth; Personal growth involves the growth and enhancement of all aspects of the person, the feelings the person has about himself or herself, and their effectiveness in living. It includes the development of positive life skills and the development of a realistic and healthy self-esteem. • I was short-tempered person but after taking the internship I realized that this could affect to my

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