Reflection On Self Empowerment

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everyone is born into some kind of negative or fear based platform. It just doesn’t always show up in recognizable degrees in some until they become adults with lives of responsibility and “stuff”. Working with people of all kinds, with challenges of all kinds, I’d be able to impart upon them my passion to some degree. Words of wisdom, ideas and concepts that they really knew, but didn’t know they knew. I delighted in seeing many “ah-ha’s” in their eyes. Subtle indications that they had figured it out or they somehow got it! I could introduce to them why their life was the way it was based on laws that they were transgressing, hopefully without offence to their integrity, and always in a loving manner. Once realized through this new to them AWARENESS, they could better implement positive change in their own lives, on their own without being dependent upon me. I’ve always worked on the premise of self-empowerment. Give my people tools in addition to ideas and concepts. We are self-creating, self-healing spiritual beings having experiences in human bodies which in turn can only mirror our inside world of emotions and beliefs. Go forward from my office to…show more content…
Creation of anything follows a set process, the very process that God used to manifest the world we now know from absolute nothingness. The physical world and our personal world are really quite similar, differing only in size and content. We must not only know of and understand these laws, but see how each one plays a key part in creating or manifesting the things and or changes you may be seeking. You all know that to build any building in our physical world there are physical laws that we need to understand and adhere to so that it stands erect and doesn’t crumble at the first storm. Well, to “rebuild” aspects of your life there are non-physical laws in place and we need to follow them so that we too can stand
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