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Diversity is just the existence of differences. These differences can be race, gender, age, religion, mental health, sexuality, socioeconomic status, educational levels, etc. The ways in which we can view diversity is endless but often it is just limited to race. To narrow that scope even further, diversity is often seen in terms of black and white. While culture is the values, ideology, social customs and behaviors that is shared by a common group of people. One’s introduction to culture begins at birth and continues to expand as the individual is introduced to family, religion, and community. Culture is what shapes us and begins to define us in many ways.
I am a white, Irish, catholic, heterosexual, cisgender, mentally
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Each brought, their own distinct customs and culture. Looking back, it feels like I always knew that categories of race where umbrella terms that did not truly define one’s identity. I had friends that were from Mexican decent that would become upset if someone mistook them for being Puerta Rican. I also had black friends that hated being called African American since they were from Jamaica. I remember when being white, the biggest insult was being accused of being Polish. Being white made us different. Being different made us the same. I just thought since there were so many people from so many different places that people in general were protective of their specific cultures. Our community housed people that were proud of their race and ethnicity. Our family was no…show more content…
My father being one hundred percent Irish raised our family in a traditional catholic upbringing. For my father, religion was a very big part of being Irish; you were either catholic or protestant. All five siblings attended church with our parents, along with weekly religion classes and alter duties. We learned that no one was free of sin and sins should be atoned for through confession, penance, prayer and community service. We have learned that doing so gives one a light and joyful heart. While my father felt this was important to being Irish, in general, this religious foundation strengthened our bonds with our neighbors and community, which also shared these religious

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