Reflection On Self Reflection

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Diversity is just the existence of differences. These differences can be race, gender, age, religion, mental health, sexuality, socioeconomic status, educational levels, etc. The ways in which we can view diversity is endless but often it is just limited to race. To narrow that scope even further, diversity is often seen in terms of black and white. While culture is the values, ideology, social customs and behaviors that is shared by a common group of people. One’s introduction to culture begins at birth and continues to expand as the individual is introduced to family, religion, and community. Culture is what shapes us and begins to define us in many ways.
I am a white, Irish, catholic, heterosexual, cisgender, mentally healthy, able bodied, woman. But what does that say about me?
My being white was always something I was conscious of. I grew up in Newburgh, New York where more than half of the population is Hispanic and almost a third of the population is black. In this particular area, whites were and still are the minority. We were a white family living in a mixed neighborhood. Our neighbors to the right of us were from Trinidad, the family next them were from Nigeria. Our neighbors to the left of us were from Puerta Rico. More than one of our neighbors were bi-racial. In my community, I did not grow up with a sense of otherness. Everyone was different and that was normal.
Being white, I already looked different from most of my

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