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Self-reflection and introspection Introduction : This self-reflection aims to shed some light on my personality, multiple intelligences that I have , my learning style and also the study skills that can benefit me. It is based on the results of the different tests that I have conducted to investigate myself , and according to the analysis of the results that I have got I am writing this self-reflection. My personality test results: When conducting my personality tests , I realized that I am an anonymous protagonist. This test explores different characteristics of me including my mind, energy, nature, tactics and identity. For my mind, there are two choices, which are introverted and extraverted, and I am classified as being an extraverted meaning . That I like group activities and that I get energized by social interaction. I consider this characteristic as a point of strength, as through group work I can learn more by making use of others’ skills and knowledge. Then regarding may energy , the two choices are observant and intuitive , and I am classified as intuitive , indicating that I am open-minded , and curious , and I look for the hidden meanings . This is also a point of strength in my character , as curiosity helps me a lot in learning more and more , and also being open minded means being able to cope to changes and be flexible .About my nature, there are two choices, which are feeling and thinking, and my personality test reveals that I am a feeling

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