Reflection On Senior Project

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Reflection What was the most life changing event through your high school career? Similarly, through our high school careers we have many episodes that change our life and our perspective we have towards it. I believe my senior project has been one of those episodes in my highschool career, it has changed my perspective in life after high school dramatically. To truly understand my Senior project and the learning I experienced, the following questions must be answered; How did I apply each of the following career learning standards in my project? What were my challenges and successes? What new learning will I take with me in my post-high school endeavors? What specific skills did I apply in each of the following areas? Let us start with our first question. It was important that I managed my time in order to accomplish this by Tigercon, so I took advantage of a planner to keep track of important dates. Problems arose, like my data loss, I quickly acted by going to my computer and extracting all data I had saved. Communicating was important with my mentor, this was done by meeting several times in coffee shops to talk about my progress, also information was conveyed through messaging. I worked with my Mentor and together as a team found possible individuals I could…show more content…
First, the largest challenge I faced was the loss of data. On my way out of my car My phone slid out from my pocket and fell to the gravel shattering the screen to a thousand broken pieces, like a shattered mirror. The majority of my Interviews were recorded by using my voice recorder, and now it was all gone. With hope, I sent my phone for a replacement, and quickly went to my computer to see what was saved on my cloud. The only videos I recorded was my Interview with Dr. Revana, which was a miracle. I also had other longer footage of medical procedures I got to see. I gained new skills that will benefit me greatly in the coming years after high
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