Reflection On Service Learning Project

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I chose WebOrganic’s program as my service learning project because when comparing the other 2 projects, it seemed that I could perform better in this project. Originally, I joined it mainly for fulfilling the school’s graduation requirement, however, after I started this program, I found another objectives. In this reflection, I would like to share what I have observed, thought and felt, what have been achieved or can be further improved of the workshop. The target students of this program are primary students from low income families. This program aims at providing poor students equal opportunities to access to the internet, helping them to learn necessary computer skills to facilitate their self- learning at homes. More importantly, we would like to help them to find their future aspirations. In this program, I am a member of Tai Hing group. According to Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2012, 1 out of five children in Tuen Mun lived under poverty. Tuen Mun is one of the new towns under Government’s New Town Planning Policy. Tai Hing Estate is the oldest public housing estate in Tuen Mun and its type of block is cruciform and old slab. From my observation, there seem to have enough public facilitate like post office, library. With reference to a research, it discloses that public housing community may lead to child- schooling segregation because children of public housing families tend to study in schools within their community and those school are of lower quality
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