Reflection On Sex Education

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Reflection Journal 2 According to Romer (2010), there is an “early manifestations of adolescent risk taking”. When adolescents engage in high risk behaviours (including sex), they are more likely to engage in more frequent sexual activities throughout the period of adolescence. Adolescence is a period where they explore their sexuality, including the involvement of adolescent sexual behaviours. Hence, sex education is beneficial for teenagers to develop an increasing understanding of this practice. A more beneficial sex education approach, out of the two should be adopted, to ensure that teenagers make correct decisions about sex, so as to not make decisions that they might regret. Approaches for sex education Safe-sex approach (SSA)…show more content…
This values-based approach provides adolescents the opportunity to explore their individual, family and also values from their community regarding sexual behaviour. Adolescents are educated on the normality and nature aspect of sexuality, encourages (positive) them that abstinence from sexual intercourse is the best way to prevent sex-related diseases, unplanned pregnancy and more. All of which allows adolescents to recognize that their decision might affect them positively or negatively. On the other hand, the AA provides limited topics about sexuality, which therefore usually causes controversial topics, for example sexual orientation, to be omitted. Teenagers are often education that abstinence is the only option for teenagers and should only perform sex after marriage. Therefore, causing adolescents who undergo the AA approach to be extremely unfamiliar with information about sexuality. Based on the amount of information provided from each approach, the SSA is more beneficial for adolescences as compared to AA as it enables the adolescence themselves to weigh out the pros and cons of their actions, if they would engage in sexual activities, whilst AA’s only intention is for teenagers to practise
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