Reflection On Sexual Relationship

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Greg and I are convinced of the truth of this Biblical view of sex. Not only have we observed it in His Word, we have also seen and experienced it in the healing He’s worked in our lives and our relationship. Greg and I experienced renewal when God brought these pieces together. We experienced God-given and God-honoring renewal of our minds, and our sexual relationship. This does not mean that in the act of sex we enter into a state of “holy worship” which generates a climate that is pious and focused on God to the exclusion of one another. Quite the contrary! We may not think of this picture much at all during our times of intimacy together. But these truths had a practical impact on each of us, and our relationship. Living out these truths day by day has affected our physical relationship by creating an environment in which we are free and able to focus on one another like never before. I believe that the sexual relationship will only be truly holy when it is free from distractions of past experiences, religion, other relationships, and priorities that detract from the unity a husband and wife are privileged to enjoy together! For me the value and priority of sex from God’s perspective enabled me to set aside the taboos and the shroud of negativity that prevented me from entering freely into the passionate enjoyment of being with my husband. It also means that I can no longer ignore and procrastinate when it comes to meeting my husband’s needs sexually. At one time
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