Skateboard Research Paper

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1------------------- Skateboard: how to improve the balance The skateboard is a board with four wheels for the practice of skateboarding . This sport was born in California at the turn of the forties and fifties. She arrives in Italy in 1977. This discipline is an art. Balance is the key to riding a skateboard with dexterity . For beginners is a starting point. Fans of skateboarding novice may find itself exposed dangerous falls . Thus we need to improve the balance on the board. As? It's simple: it takes only a few exercises. Be consistent in training and you will see results. Therefore, equip yourself with a helmet, protective clothing. It is part ! Make sure you have at hand: *a board skateboard *consistency in training 1.To improve the…show more content…
The choice is very wide and each skate can adapt more or less well to the needs of the most good and less good. Visit a well-stocked shop and let us advise you by a skilled skater , who can point you in the table that fits your physical as well as your capacity, bearing in mind that safety always comes first. In this regard you can choose between a longboard, one skateboard classic and a customized table . The first is ideal for beginners, comfortable, stable, secure, but not the best choice to carry out the "trick", the bold evolution of skater experts. The classic table lends itself well to changes and jumps, is manoeuvrable and fast but requires a lot of practice. A customized table is the top choice for a skater expert, unlike a assemblarne could be a waste of time if you have just…show more content…
Many skater , to learn, trying several times to perform the kickflip standing still, so you can learn the correct position to be taken to make this fabulous trick . Then you can try it in motion. After wearing a helmet and kneepads climbs on your skateboard and go deep with the right foot (if you are goofy) or with the left foot (if you are regular). When you reach the speed you prefer placing the back foot on the tail and the front foot rotated 30 degrees at the center of your table. 2.Now you must prepare to crush with all your strength on the tail of your skateboard . Just crushed the tail you'll see your table rise and you'll have to rub the front foot across the table kicking out. The skateboard will start to make a rotation, reached 360 degrees the table you will find attached beneath your feet at the point of highest elevation. You will have to adjust to perfection, with workouts, strength to give your skate, being careful not to give a violent kick, otherwise your board will move from you and you risk to crash to the
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