Reflection On Social Norms

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Throughout most of my days, I find myself contemplating the various things I am supposed to do and say in different social situations. For example, the other day, all of the sudden I found myself thinking sociologically when I saw two fellow residents playing video games and listening to music in the kitchen at my dorm. I decided to go in and talk to them. Immediately, I noticed a few main things about these gentlemen: they are white males around my age, one or both is in the honors college (which I know because I live in the honors dorm), and they like video games and rap music. Through conversation I learned a bit more about them including their names, David and Eric. While recounting and analyzing my interaction with them, I will use many key sociological terms that we have learned in class. These terms include social norms, culture, deviance, impression management, socialization, looking glass self, and social change. With most of my day-to-day behaviors, I somewhat consider the social norms of my culture. Culture is a way of life made up of a societies social norms, values, traditions, beliefs, food, and more. Social norms, which make up a large portion of culture, are the unwritten rules of a society. Social norms can fall into two categories: Mores or Folkways. Mores are behaviors that are typically seen as right or wrong in a particular society and Folkways are behaviors that are typically seen as polite or rude in a particular society. In the situation I am choosing
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