Reflection On Social Work Interview

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Introduction The interview was conducted on Saturday, 5th of August 2017, at 4 pm. This interview session lasted about 30 minutes. My interviewee is a 56 years old Malay male, Mr. Hady (pseudonym). Mr. Hady was born and raised in Singapore who has lived in Bishan for the past 20 years with his family. He shared that he enjoys celebrating Hari Raya because he can cook for his relatives and friends as well as catch up with one another. Moreover, he revealed that upon entering the workforce, he participated in more cultural holidays including Chinese New Year and Christmas. This is owing to his company’s culture where they celebrate all the major festivals, acknowledging their employees’ different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, he used …show more content…

Interview is an important component of any social work helping process. Therefore, I would also compare my experience with social work theories that address interview issues. In social work, building rapport is essential in the relationship between clients and social workers. Besides building trust, at a deeper level, rapport helps the client make a connection with the social worker (Williams, n.d.). Therefore, I seek to apply this knowledge when I conducted this interview. I felt that I managed to build a good rapport with my interviewee as he felt comfortable in sharing his stories with me. Overall, this ensures that the interview went smoothly. Besides building rapport, the social worker’s interview style is important. A social work interview should consist primarily of open-ended questions as it encourages clients to elaborate on their responses. Social workers should also establish they understand the client 's replies by asking follow-up questions to acknowledge the client 's comments and encourage them to continue (Williams, n.d.). Upon reflecting on the interview process, I felt that I failed to achieve this. Because I realised that some parts of my interview lack the depth that I was hoping to achieve. I think that the main reason would be that I was impatient as my concern was to finish the interview …show more content…

To become a reflective social work student, I need to be able to undergo self-reflection. This is a process of conducting self-assessment and observation. Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle influence user like myself to self-reflect and more importantly it encourages users to develop an action plan. This enables me to look at my practice and evaluate on the areas I did good and bad. In turn, by taking these experiences into learning I can use them to improve on for the future. To conclude, Gibb’s model helps me to develop into a reflective social work student as I learn to assess, conclude and this deepens my social work knowledge for reflective

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