The Importance Of Social Work

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Social work is the role that covers all the basic elements and services intended to serve each and every individual of the community equally, without the need of any particular contribution for accessing the advantage mainly to the people who are unable to get appropriate sources for meeting their basic needs and demands. As mentioned by Kadushin & Harkness (2014), social work is linked with supporting empowerment, development of people, self-determination and backing up the rights. Stimulating the role of social justice is vital for all the workers are assigned with offering their services. Every individual has their own personal value that is needed to be developed with the age and experience; however it is important that the social worker…show more content…
It to notice that elder people faces various issues in terms of their job, societal and family perspective. One of my clients Mr ABC visited and informed me that he was facing the issue at his work place and he has speech therapy problem, due to which he was unable to communicate effectively. I got through his profile and got to know that his experience in the field was exceptional, but after facing with an incident he got some serious injuries and that resulted in getting his left arm effected. He was unable to get the job again because he started losing his confidence. He became really disheartened and disappointed from whatever he was going through. I listened to his entire story with patience; and noticed that he has short tempered issue also. I was unable to understand his language, he couldn’t speak up properly, and still his ambition was not to waste his skills and wanted to continue working.
There are several other works that does not need any verbal communication. As Mr ABC has a good experience in computer operation, but because of his physical disability he wasn’t getting the chance anywhere. He came up with a new hope to encourage him by getting back to his life. For a moment, I noticed how important the role of social worker can be for securing advantage for our clients, along with how much they are dependent on our assistance. I had to
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Therefore it was important for me to use my skills and knowledge as a social worker in order to help my patient. I practiced my knowledge and was able to reach the point that for me was important to take under consideration. In this case, I handled the situation with extra supervision and care. For me accountability is important in practice, particularly in social work as it certifies the solution of any issue. The structural inequality with the case was appropriately handled for getting Mr. ABC equality and
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