Reflection On The School Of Social Work Practice

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I was inspired by two YouTube videos that touch on the essence of social work practice. The first video is about the privilege walk. The scene involves a teacher in a park with a group of students prior to a start of a race. He makes statements, and if the statements apply to the students, they can take a step forward, and if not, stay where they are at. The teacher makes statements like “if you never worry about where your next meal is,” “if your parents are still together,” “if you don’t need to help your parents to pay the bills,” and so on. I have never thought those statements as privileges, at that moment, I was shocked. It hit me to know how much inequality has impacted the students, especially students of color. Children don’t have…show more content…
The mission of the School of Social Work is matching with my personal beliefs, moreover, the aims of the school are very attractive to me since it will not only well prepare me for the future work within this field, but also can promote my self-growth along the journey. I have read several published articles of research from the school of Social Work in relation to child youth and family, as well as aging areas have excited me. The research of Parental Debt and Children’s Social-emotional Well-being (Berger and Houle, 2016), and Home Environment and Child Maltreatment (Slack et. al, n.d.) as well as other researches give me the opportunity to apply person-in-environment approach to my emerging social work practices. Such research has captured my scholarly areas of passion. As a renowned research institution, UW-Madison will allow me the scholarly space and academic rigor to focus on my interest in child, youth and family areas, as well as aging areas, while allowing me to grow and be challenged. I have read plenty of positive comments that are made by the students who are currently enrolled in the school that make me believe in the school of Social Work will be the best place to let me grow academically, professionally, and…show more content…
Besides that, I have earned four certificates in the areas of child welfare, aspects of disability, gerontology, as well as AODA. Those classes expose me into different aspects of social work and I have gained a fuller picture and deeper insights of the scholarly aspects of the field. In addition, I was selected to participate in the Provost Honors at the technical college, which allowed me to do the research in the field of human services by conducting interviews, classroom observations, and literature reviews. This experience, exposed me various forms of scholarly work in the field, and challenged my academic rigor. In addition, through my undergraduate education, I have gained better understanding of the systems of inequality in society, interconnections of policy and social issues, and confirmed my dedication in social work
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