Essay On Community Reflection

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The reflection journal’s objective will be a continued reflection on my experience with my chosen community. This journal will also touch on the area of strengths and areas for growth for myself as well as the community. Lastly, I will share about my group’s Community Sector Discussion. Over the next few service learning sessions, I had the opportunity to interact with the staffs from Beyond and the parent volunteers. From the conversations, I shared with the Beyond staffs, it helps to deepen my understanding of the demographics and characteristics of the community. For example, I learnt that education challenges are the common issues that the children face. The children are often weaker in subjects such as Science and English. As a result,…show more content…
Firstly, it was a diverse discussion session whereby each of us contributed to a variety of opinions and different points of views were articulated. For instance, everyone had different purposes for joining Beyond. Some joined because they enjoy being with children while others joined because they hope to learn more about the disadvantaged families in Singapore. We also discussed the effectiveness of our services to our chosen community. This was beneficial because it allowed us to gather feedback on the positive and negative aspects of our service learning so far. Such discussion among the team is important because it encourages dialogues among and between the team. Not only that these dialogues would challenge us to think of solutions and alternatives. With new solutions and alternatives, we can further improve this service learning experience for both the students and our chosen community. Without a doubt, through this discussion, I learnt more about my groupmates and it was an eye-opener to hear different perspectives on similar issues. To sum up, this reflection journal was a continued reflection about my service learning journey with Beyond Social Services thus far. As mentioned, throughout the sessions I was able to learn about myself as well as my chosen community. I hope that this learning process would continue as I carry on with my service
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