Reflection On Student Behavior

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It is 15th of March 2017 where additional topics are discussed in selected Grade 9 students. The lesson is about permutation. Varieties of learning theories are displayed throughout the entire teaching sessions. The minute and substantial actions observed are the results of successive processes and consequences described by these theories.
Behaviorism explains learning in terms of environmental events. Operant principles have been applied in the preparations of the lesson. These principles can be seen in applications involving behavioral objectives. With reference to the lesson presented in the video, it is noteworthy to consider the case where the teacher before starting the lesson is that a plan is prepared. It is important that he decide on specific behavioral objectives and plan activities to assist students in mastering these objectives.
Another principle of operant conditioning that is observed during the lesson is praising. Praising, as it can be observed from every correct response of the students, goes beyond simple feedback on accuracy of work or appropriateness of behavior because it conveys positive teacher affect and provides information about the worth of students’ behaviors. Praising students’ behavior through praise words such as “Good work” or “Correct, your work is good” in every correct response is providing both performance feedback and praise.
An aspect of Social Cognitive Theory that is observed in the discussion is the presentation of worked

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