Reflection: Super Size Me

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Lecture Seven Reflection In current society, it seems that people are always living in the world that is influenced by globalization all the time. Super Size Me, a film shown in the lecture, has given a big shock to people reflecting the negative side of McDonaldization. It is considered that globalization is a double-edged sword that not only can bring people with a lot of benefits but also do harm to them. To have a rational and objective attitude has become an urgent matter for people when they face with this trend. In recent years, more and more McDonalds are opened especially near our living quarters so that people can access them easily after schools or work. In addition, their standardized and uniform service has contributed to a high…show more content…
Take United Kingdom (UK) for instance, it is estimated by its Department for Business that the value of education and training exports was about fifteen billion pounds from 2008 to 2009 (Jonathan Portes, 2013). To be specific, this kind of exports does not mean that the local products are totally exported oversea. In fact, if a student coming from the other country such as China, and then he or she purchases a product in the UK. That is one kind of exports from the UK to China (Jonathan Portes, 2013). As the number of international students increases, there may be a boom in the local economy that contributes to the development of the country. On the other hand, although the society may benefit a lot from this kind of consumption, the society may suffer from huge pressure coming from other aspects at the same time. For example, as the number of international students grows, the number of immigrants may increase as well. In this circumstance, the migration probably makes the social competition become fiercer. As a result, some governments, such as UK Home Office, are taking action to launch hard policy on student visas in order to control net migration (Jonathan Portes, 2013). From a personal perspective, it is a matter of how to balance two sides rather than just only in favor of the issue or not especially when people are supposed to follow the trend of the times so that it can bring the largest profit to the
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