Reflection On Teaching As A Teacher

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Transitioning from a teacher to a teacher trainer: a memoir/reflection My experience as an English Language Learner in high school was not wonderful; my teachers would teach the English language in the native language (Nepali). I wished my teacher taught English in English. After a solid six years of language learning, I was able to tell my name in English. Because of my passion in English Language Teaching, I decided to study English literature and language after high school. I started teaching in a private school while I was still a university student. I do not want to write my struggles and failures as a learner here, but it is worth mentioning that my unceasing quest of a decent English Language Teacher did not yield any fruits. Then I decided what I wanted to be. I decided to be a language teacher. I did not have any teacher training when I joined a school, but thanks to internet and innumerable websites. I tried different approaches to the language teaching as opposed to traditional rote learning (i.e. memorise a whole essay or paragraph to get a pass mark). The result was really good; my students passed examinations with flying colours. Many of them are university students in USA, UK and other English speaking countries and some are working in those countries. It was gratifying to see my students doing well in English and learning the language as I intended. But, I did not contend! Of course, my school was doing well and some other reputed schools in city areas were

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