Reflection On Teaching Experience

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1.2 Reflection of Past Teaching Experiences Every so often I heard the teachers in the school where I did my teaching practicum were discussing about how their pupils did not even know how to properly write the correct spelling of some of the English word even though they were quite familiar with the word. The same spelling issue also had risen during my teaching and learning session as I caught them asking their other classmates on how to write the spelling of certain words and yet they still incorrectly wrote the word on their exercise book as their classmate gave the wrong spelling of the word as well. “…eh, how you spell castle?...” (FN/PW/NIF) During the nine months duration of teaching practical in three different schools located across the Kota Kinabalu District, I detected that they were numerous spelling issues of the English word were happening among my pupils when I was marking their exercise work, activity book and also from my very own teaching practicum exercises. Thus, I this explained that the pupils have spelling problem. The figure below shows some of the spelling mistake that I noticed when I was marking their activity book. Based on the observation that I have conducted during my teaching practical, it is clear that most of my pupils have trouble spelling the word as they wrote it down in their exercise book or in any other activity book that required them to write it down. For instance, the word marked using red pen in the figure above was
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