Reflection On Teaching Experience

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Mid Term Reflection At this stage in the placement, which issue(s) would you consider the most important to you and why? I am delighted with my teaching practice so far and am excited about getting back into it again next week. I feel I have progressed greatly as a teacher and have fitted in well to the school. I feel this has been a key aspect to my success thus far and my overall enjoyment of the teaching experience. This week, I have the opportunity to reflect on the first four weeks as a whole, to assess my strengths and weaknesses and to plan carefully for the next five weeks and the things I want to improve on and continue doing. At this stage, I believe planning for mixed ability is essential in my teaching but also use of a variety of teaching methods to motivate my students. It is important to know what the levels of ability are in your class in order for you to plan your lessons for their needs. You need to be able to help students of a lower ability and challenge students of a higher ability. I need to be able to motivate my students to engage in learning in my lessons. Lack of motivation can lead to off task behaviour, which will interrupt the flow of the lesson. When all students are motivated a positive classroom climate is developed where learning is the core. Motivated students are easier to teach and challenge, they also have a positive influence on each other. For each issue, show how your learning has developed since the start of placement. When I
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