Mt Everest Simulation Reflection

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Our time together, as a team, is coming to a close. Upon the deadline of this reflection, only a lifespan of two weeks will remain for this exact combination of classmates with these exact goals. In total, we will have spent two months together operating as a team towards the shared objective of the Organizational Consulting Report deliverable. While other tasks came up over the duration of the class, such as the Mount Everest Simulation Exercise and case discussions, the Organizational Consulting Report served as the primary unifying factor. To function as a team, while completing a course dedicated to the best practices of teaming, results in a meta-apprehension to the process and completion of objectives. Over the course of this reflection,…show more content…
A purpose existed in that of an Organizational Consulting Report, but the means by which we would achieve that end stayed undefined. Therefore, we remained with little agreement on how to complete the objective. Recognizing this after Week 4, I went into Week 5 having completed the first section of the report and ready to initiate conflict to facilitate our Storming phase. Once broken into teams on that day, we began by engaging in our usual small talk. I found that another teammate drew the same conclusion as myself about what needed to be…show more content…
That individual contribution is measured by the team’s analysis of one’s overall contribution. This creates the notion of a shared team goal, which then comes into conflict with the constraints of time and effort. Resultantly, members may only give the minimum amount of effort necessary, for successful completion of the course, at a level of engagement that only keeps fellow group members content. That being said, such conditions do not and will not characterize every class project experience. However, current incentive structures do not encourage members to exert additional effort, beyond the minimum amount, in order to foster a sustainable nurturing team environment. In this instance, I hope that my team experience is the exception to the

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