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Teamwork is considered a driven strategy purposefully designed to improve interpersonal relationships, develop an efficient way to approach complex and eclectic issues as well as to improve communication skills, decision making and conflict resolution.
Our group consisted of five members, four females and one male. Although we shared common cultural backgrounds, we had some conflicts in accepting and embracing each member’s differences in background knowledge and experience. From my perspective, the group demonstrated difficulties reaching decisions; it seemed that there was no acceptance of ethical responsibilities and shared leadership. For example, a group member wanted to take over my portion of the presentation claiming that she had obtained
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This was due to the lack of communication between group members. In my opinion, the communication deficits experienced by some of the members prevented us from reaching the intimacy stage because some of them kept complaining about each other’s responsibilities instead of focusing on the solutions of the problem.
As a group we divided the sections of the presentation and each group member was responsible to research for information regarding his/her section. My role in particular was to research on the interventions as well as the strengths and limitations of the TF-CBT practice model. In addition, I designed the power point presentation and presented my portion of the
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Our group experienced a limited communication because we faced difficulties setting a clear vision of the task as well as confirming group goals and intended outcomes. For example, one of the group members was very confused about the task’s deadlines and the designation of roles within the group. The more complex the teamwork procedure, the more members have to attend to teamwork and the less time they have to attend to the actual assignment. Once the teamwork procedures are mastered, however, members concentrate on task work and outperform individuals working alone (Ortiz, Johnson & Johnson, 1996). One way that we should have approached the communication problem was by assuring that every member of the team had clear instructions and expectations, periodically monitor progress and directly clarify any misunderstandings or wrong interpretations. Working towards a common goal is a challenge especially when you have to consider a wide range of valuable knowledge and prior experiences. To overcome such hindrances, develop cohesion and facilitate a sound learning process through cooperation and coordination, it is necessary to acquire effective communication skills, decision making methods, and conflict resolution strategies; overall master a positive social interdependence

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