Reflection On The Amistad Movie

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Assignment #06: Section A: In the American Yawp textbook, the version of the slave’s experiences of being captured then shipped across the ocean to the Americas was a much nicer version than the Amistad film. The film was not accurate in depicting what actually happened on those ships, it was definitely much worse. The events and what happened to those African people was horrific and I truly don’t believe we could ever imagine what it was like being aboard those ships. I’m truly appalled at how those people were treated. Section B: I am not surprised that our car insurance companies today were once insurance companies that would pay out for “lost” Africans. It does bother me that they are still around today, but with the way businesses are able to restructure their corporations, it doesn’t surprise me that they did these atrocious things before they became the car insurance companies that we know today. In previous classes, I was taught that the lives slaves had were horrible, and I knew to some extent how bad conditions were, mostly from research or my own, but not fully. The conditions shown in the video and explained in the readings were worse than what I’ve been taught in previous classes. Section C: “Their helplessness made enslavement easier. The Indians were on their own land. The whites were in their own European culture. The blacks had been torn from their land and culture, and forced into a situation where the heritage of language, dress, custom, family

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