Reflection On The Book 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's'

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Reflection on Chapter 7. In this Chapter the author broached the subject of tips and bribery. I had had a little introduction into this subject when Steven Height taught presented this topic in one of my other missions classes, however, Hale puts yet another angle on this topic. I had never thought about tipping a waitress, baggage man, or taxi driver as the same as tipping a customs agent in order to ensure your luggage ended up where you wanted it to. I ran into this whole idea this summer when flying back from my internship I was expected to tip the Pax-Assist personnel who helped Sharon and me through the airport. I had no idea what a good tip was and I felt quite out of my league, but we managed to arrive home in one piece with our entire luggage. I would agree though there are times when it is mere extortion and bribery not tipping in some countries, but for the most part it is most likely how the government personnel make a living.

Reflection on Chapter 8. I was also exposed to some of
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Chapter 11 was so packed with good truth about resolving conflict I felt like I could not digest it all in one setting. This chapter has been very insightful not only in resolving conflict on the mission field, but I have been comparing it to my life now as I read. It challenged me in many ways to really look closely at my motives and the way I approach conflict in my life today because the principles mention in this chapter just plain apply to every conflict area in life. I will definitely refer to this book again if I am faced with a conflict in my life because practically deals with personalities, sin in conflict and how to biblically resolve conflict. The author really drove this point’s home with vivid illustrations and quotes. If we run all our conflicts through the model presented in Matt 18:15-18 I think we would have a lot less division on the mission field and even in home churches, but so often that is easier said than put into

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