Reflection On The Book Thief

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Over 11 million innocent people were murdered in the Holocaust. Who was responsible for all of this? Hitler. Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany and the cause of the Holocaust. He and his men killed millions including Jews, Gypsies, the disabled, and many more. Because of Hitler 's actions over 11 million were killed, 1 million of them being children. I think that the Holocaust was horrible and wrong and hopefully we will not have to experience anything like this again. I learned a lot from the books Night and The Book Thief. They made me realize how horrible the Holocaust was and what it was like to experience it. The Holocaust was a gruesome time where millions were killed, people were tortured, they were used in experiments and families were separated. One of the books we read in class was Night. After reading it I had a new understanding of the Holocaust. I learned so many new things and much more about the event. I never knew much about the conditions of the camps or how the people…show more content…
I learned more about what it was like to be a Jew because of Max’s story. His life as a Jew during the Holocaust was very difficult and risky for the people helping him. I could never imagine what life must have been like as a jew. The Book Thief helped me understand understand what it was like for them and what they were feeling. Another thing I learned more about was how the Germans viewed these events. Many did not agree with Hitler but never spoke up because of the fear they would be killed. Many people would fight in the war so they would not be seen as enemies. Anyone who disagreed was often killed or sent to a concentration camp. This event was really sad because no one could speak about what they thought without being seen as a traitor. There was not much the public could do to prevent Jews from being
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