Reaction Paper About The Boston Massacre

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Part One In this segment, the students are studying the sequence of events that lead up to the colonies declaring their independence from British rule. One key event that led to the chain of events was the Boston Massacre. For this segment of the lesson, the students will study the events surrounding this issue. Terminal Course Objective 1. By the end of the class, the seventh-grade social studies class will list the sequence of events that led caused the Boston Massacre with 90% accuracy. Activity Described For this exercise students will review documents about the Boston Massacre from a variety of sources. The instructor will provide the students with the background and knowledge, dates and facts on the Boston Massacre. Students will be divided into five groups of four students, where each group will have a different document about the subject they just learned. Students will work to summarize the events of the Boston Massacre and determine what causes led up to the event. Upon completion of the task, students will perform a mini-quiz, in…show more content…
The lesson is designed to allow the students to cognitively decipher the material presented. They are moving from lower order skills to higher order skills, with the presentation of the material and then having them make evaluations. Behaviorists theorize that knowledge does not depend on mental states, and is only concerned on what behaviors programmed through stimuli and can be observed (Boghossian). This exercise and approach is appropriate for this class because as previously stated, it used the neo-behaviorism theory of learning, where cognitive processes are allowed to be used to make correlations (response) after given facts (stimuli). At this age, according to Piaget, learners age able to follow abstract concepts and use moral reasoning (Driscoll,

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