Reflection On The Crucible

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Putting you life in the hands of a jury and a judge is something that doesn’t happen much today, but it happened to may people in the 1680’s. Their lives were put into another person’s hands because they were accused for something they didn’t even do. Most of the time these people went into the trials pleading innocent, and then the judge was persuaded to sentence them to death. They did this because they thought that the defendant was lying. This is a perfect example of a crucible. A crucible is a situation of severe trial, or is which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new. The play The Crucible got its name from the character Reverend Parris changing from the beginning to the end, John Proctor trying to do something good but it ends badly, and the play as a whole. Reverend Parris is a preacher that like his reputation a little too much and doesn't want to lose it at all costs. He is also a very proud man that think he deserves a little extra compared to other like what he says to Giles Corey “Mister Corey, you will look far for a man of my kind at sixty pound a year! I am not used to this poverty; I left a thrifty business in the Barbados to serve the Lord. I do not fathom it, why am i persecuted here?! I cannot offer one proposition but there be a howling riot of argument. I have often wondered if the Devil be in…show more content…
It took a tragedy for everyone to realize what was really going on in their own town, and it goes to show that people in today’s world and in the past followed the crowd instead of doing some research on the topic and choosing a side on their own. There is still the minority that do this without being told, and they are the people that can lead others to do the same. These select few also have the power to be a leader, and change the world’s view on a problem that we are
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