Reflection On The Environment

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An environment is a place we conduct every activity. It is the natural space where humans, animals, and plant species operate and lives. The apparent health of the environment provides those that live in it a healthy existence. However, if the environment is unhealthy, we face a dire consequence. It is a proven fact that human beings are responsible for the poor state of the planet. Therefore, while we consider the environment, it is essential to develop strategies to make our cities environmentally sustainable.
Reflection on environmental issues that I learned in this course so far Deforestation is an environmental issue that has been widely discussed and it has plagued my community and country in general. However, while humans suffer the consequences of deforestation, animals and plant species suffer even more. The earlier, humanity takes heed of empirically proven data of what deforestation is doing to the environment, the better it will be for us and the habitat. For the purpose of clarity, deforestation is the remover of Earth’s forests in large scale and leave the land massively damaged and without quality (National Geographic, n.d.). This environmental has issue kept me up at night since digesting the fact about deforestation, which is a huge problem in Liberia.
Furthermore, another environmental issue that caught my attention is air pollutions which occur in various forms. The most common air pollutions in my environment or community are caused by the
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