Reflection On The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The most influential novel that I read this year is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Walls’s memoir had moving themes of strength, perseverance and forgiveness. It also caused me to have passionate reactions. Finally, The Glass Castle impacted me the most because it forced me to reconsider my opinion of homeless people. This novel was a beneficial reading experience. The Glass Castle is the life story of a girl, Jeannette Walls, and her siblings who grew up in poverty unnecessarily because of their parents’ irresponsibility. One of its themes is that strength and perseverance can significantly improve your chance at success and your future. The Walls children did not allow their childhood struggles prevent them from creating better and brighter futures for themselves. They all grew up impressively sane considering their living conditions.…show more content…
Prior to reading this novel I had never considered why the homeless were homeless. I always just stereotyped them and assumed that they were alcoholics or drug addicts and that it was their own fault that they were on the streets. The idea that there would be any other reasoning for their homelessness never crossed my mind. “I think that maybe sometimes people get the lives they want,” (Walls 256). However, now my view is completely changed and I will not be so quick to pass judgement in the future. In conclusion, The Glass Castle was the most influential novel I read this year in my AP Senior English class. It taught me that strength and perseverance can make a significant impact in life. I also learned that forgiveness and the ability to forgive is much more powerful than I ever realized. This novel sucked me into the story and its characters and took me on an emotional ride of highs and lows. Finally, it forced me to reevaluate my previous judgement of the homeless. The Glass Castle is an impactful
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