Holocaust Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…Widely used as theory v. BC. "Social Darwinism" - a statement that the extermination of people was a continuation of Darwin 's theory of evolution. Strong nations or races according to this theory, though, naturally sought to destroy inferior, which according to the theory of evolution had gone to cede living space and strong races. To make effective use of the Holocaust and the then new methods of destruction. For example, new types of chemical and mechanical means murder, crematorium built, calculating machines used on punched cards to control the number of killed and more. The Nazi Holocaust is also notable for its brutality. There are numerous examples of using prisoners for medical experiments, torture and so on. Inherent feature of the Holocaust is also terror against all walks of civilians and children as well. In an effort to maintain the "purity of race" terror and extermination subject to certain types of patients, persons with mental disabilities and homosexuals. Holocaust in…show more content…
The systematic destruction of the Jews can not be described simply as an act of genocide, so it was an unprecedented scale, elaboration and implementation. It was an attempt to destroy an entire people, wherever they were his representatives. That is why the genocide of the Jewish people during the war called - Holocaust (Eng. Holocaust - "burnt"). Less than fifty years as a racist and anti-Semitic neo-Nazis minded groups were denied the fact of the Holocaust or claim that he had a much smaller scale. This has its reasons: both political and anti-Semitic. Some want to whitewash Nazism, others believe that the State of Israel emerged as compensation to Jews by the horrors of World War II and denying the Holocaust as a historical fact, deny Israel the right to exist. That is why those who question the story, supported by the Arab countries. But the Holocaust really was, and keeping his memory, we strive to make the world will never allow the repetition of this terrible page of
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