Reflection On The Holocaust

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During our lessons we were discussing a great amount of interesting and useful topics. Some of them were catching, eccentric and vivid – such as ‘Polish Critical Art’ and ‘Popular Culture’, some were very familiar and versant, mentioning ‘Polish Media and Celebrities’. There were deep, profound, intense topics, which appeared as ‘Polish Customs and Traditions’ or ‘Cultural and Natural Heritage’. ‘Political Life and Institutions’ gave us back from ethnical values and properties to more practical sides of life. Nevertheless, with the most touching theme I faced just during our last lesson – ‘Important Historical Events and Their Influence’. We were told about things which made everybody of us pause about moral values and audacity, about courage that underlie these brave deeds for the sake of others. At such moments, each of us wonders about his ability to make decisive and heroic act in difficult times, out of compassion for one 's neighbor. We were told about one of the darkest pages of humanity - Holocaust. ‘There is only one thing in the world, which can be worse than Auschwitz - that the world will forget that it is a place.’ - Henry Appel, a prisoner of Auschwitz It is important to mark that teaching of any complex historical phenomenon, much more - the Holocaust, requires compliance with the relevant requirements such as understanding the Holocaust as part of the national and world history, explaining the nature of the Holocaust with correct definitions to greet to
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