Essay About Seafood

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Details: The House of Seafood is a Chinese restaurant famous for its crab delicacies. I visited the outlet located at Punggol Settlement with my family on a Saturday at about 8.00p.m to celebrate my birthday. Before reaching the entrance of the restaurant, the staffs welcomed us warmly. I attribute it to the fact that another seafood restaurant was directly opposite them thus there was a need to “snatch” customers. We were then gestured to a spacious table and they ensured we were comfortable before settling us down. As we brought a cake along, the waitress suggested to help us refrigerate it, assuring that she will note down our table number and attach it to the cake. The waitress who took our order was very patience even though we were rather indecisive, she proceeded on recommending their specialities in a very polite manner. It was not long after when all our dishes, especially the fresh chili crab, were served. Upon finishing our meal, we asked for the cake to be served.…show more content…
It oversees the process of every interaction between the customer and the organization. I felt that the House of Seafood did a great job in managing customers’ experiences as they excelled from the very first service touch point of welcoming us into the restaurant. They listened to their customers’ preferences and ensured they were comfortable. This could be seen when the host allowed us to decide if we wanted to sit indoors or outdoors with the sea view and asked if we are satisfied before leaving. Their prompt and sincere service touched me despite the hectic weekend dinner crowd, especially when I saw how the waitress danced enthusiastically with a huge banner behind me throughout the long birthday song. The coordination between the staffs was great; the music was played timely just as the cake was set up. When the customer’s experience is managed well, it would be able to foster customer
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