Reflection On The Impact Of A Community Service

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Tell us a community service that has been personally significant to you? Reflect on the impact that you have made.
Since the first year of university, I have been joining Hanoikids English voluntary club that not only fixes a social issue but also my personal problems. Hanoikids gives me the sense of the values of an organization: uprearing the pride and feeling of appreciation in members belonging to a body. It is not about how high-ranking and accredited Hanoikids is on Tripadvisor but the progress we get credit for what we have contributed to the society, specifically, Hanoi tourism, is worthwhile. Here, we got the lesson of trust in the skeptical world where people usually become critical about everything, they want to help but afraid of being cheated. However, being a Kid, we keep faith in human nature and “giving is taking” to offer free tours, together makes Hanoi more enjoyable place to visit. This mission is also shared by related organizations in Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City, enlightening the trust philosophy over 3 areas of Vietnam. Might each person fall in love with their organization in different ways, personally, I approach the issue in human perspective. Doing this kind of community activities, I can get an insight into how one organization operate sustainably to solve a social issue, how it builds and saves talented people to stay and develop the club, how it inspires and accelerates the time members engage in. Based on that, I with my colleagues promoted

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