Dave Pelzer's Speech: The Lost Boy

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Good afternoon teacher and my fellow friends. Today, I am very glad to be able to share with everyone my perspectives on this heartbreaking yet inspiring true life experience of a man called Dave Pelzer. This autobiography taught me to appreciate life and not to take love and concerns for granted. As seen from the title, The Lost Boy, the word ‘lost’ does not literally mean disappeared. It actually refers to as feeling confused and having no direction in life. Let me begin with a brief synopsis of this story. And the second part of the title, “A Child Called ‘It’” suggest that the main character was not treated as a human but rather as an animal. This is the story of Dave Pelzer, who is referred to as David in the story, having a painful childhood. David actually led a happy life until things changed for the worst when he was four years old. In this story, we will discover what turmoil David had to go through when he was young, how he eventually conquered and what impact it had on his personality.…show more content…
It is also stated that this book is based on a true account which made readers even more inquisitive to find out what the main character had gone through as a child. The structure of the story was well written as the author deeply and clearly described each event that took place. The choice of words the author chose to use thoroughly explained his fears, hunger, and lowliness. Then, the setting of the story is beyond belief as it actually took place at his own home, a place where it should be the safest and filled with love and not pain. This informed and opened the readers’ minds that violence can occur anywhere if there is an opportunity. This book uses impactful words such as “crying means dead” to strongly bring across the message to the
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