Reflection On The Movie 1: I Am Sam

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Reflection on the Movie 1: “I Am Sam” Name: Rümeysa Bektaş Number: 2013105261 Course: Pred 310.01 Question 1: Describe the characters : a - Briefly describe the main characters of the movie. Answer 1-a: 1- Rita (Michelle Pfeiffer): The character Rita in the film, is the attorney that Sam, the main character, attempted to hire. She is impolite, obsessive and a liar. In terms of parental responsibilities, she is compared to Sam, despite the fact that he has a mental retardation. But soon, she learns from Sam how to be both a good person and a mother. 2- Sam (Sean Penn): Sam is the hero of the film. What makes him a hero is that, despite his mental retardation, he take cares…show more content…
She is of normal intelligence. As his father 's mental intelligence level is the same of a 7 years old, she does not grow and be a 8 years old girl. Therefore, she intentionally creates troublesome moments at school as if she did not want to learn and improve. This is a reaction against the widening gap between her father and her. In a part of this film, Lucy is taken away from her house and is given to a foster care family. She is very responsible and adult-like in the communicating with her father. b - Describe Sam’s personal and emotional characteristics in detail. Answer 1-b: Sam, the main character, is autistic and developmentally disabled. He has an intelligence of 7-years old child. Sam shows us that fatherhood is not about intelligence, but about the care and love you give to your child. The mother of Lucy runs away after giving birth to her and Sam is left alone with the child. In spite of many obstacles, Sam perseveres and succeeds in fostering Lucy, with the help of the neighbour Annie, who is a pianist. An unwanted incident happens in Lucy 's 8th birthday party. Lucy 's birthday sembolizes many things. A friend of Lucy mocks her and Sam. After seeing that his daughter is hurt

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