Reflection On The Movie Crash

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Reflecting on Crash
7 I believe that this movie was very useful to raise awareness and encourage social justice. This movie allows viewers to be engaged, informed, and motivated. High school students and adults can easily relate and learn from the injustices the characters face because of the variety of ethnicities used throughout the movie. The movie shows critical issues which include prejudice, racism, stereotypes, discrimination, inequality. All these issues effect members of society on a day to day basis and is critical that as civilians, we reflect upon these issues. One example of racism and prejudice in the movie was when the Persian man went into the shop to purchase a gun. The store attendant made multiple racist comments which included, calling him Osama, blaming the Persian man for the nine- eleven attack and claiming that all middle eastern people are terrorists. This shows that the store owner had negative judgements about the Persian family. Another example is when the Persian man made an incorrect assumption that the Mexican man who came in to fix their lock was going to rip them off. The Persian man was a victim of racism and should not believe in stereotypes that society creates. This example clearly demonstrates stereotypes by believing that all Mexicans rip people off. This film depicts the society we live in and create awareness for us individuals so see these examples and learn from them so that we can live in a world where everyone is treated equally,
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