Reflection On The Movie Patch Adam

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After watching the movie ‘Patch Adam’, I had learnt a lot of lessons from this movie. Knowing that this is a true story which there is an existence of Patch Adam in this world, this makes me admire him from his different perspective and attitude towards patient in medical field. The movie began with a man named Hunter Adams (but usually being called Patch) which attempted to commit suicide but end up admitted himself into an asylum. In the asylum, Patch met some patients, which in the same room with him. Eventually, he found out that doctors in the asylum do not help much in the patients’ condition, but he learnt a lot from the patients. From one of the patients named Arthur Mendelson, he shows Patch his four fingers and ask Patch what he see. At first glance, I saw four fingers and doesn’t really understand why he keep asking that. Sooner, Arthur told Patch about his theory to look beyond the problem to find the answers. Yes, it’s true that in our real lives, we always focus on the problems and that doesn’t really help in solving them. On the contrary, I had learnt that as a pharmacist, we should not only focus on the patients’ problem. When we try to focus on the patients’ need, we may reduce or solve the problem. In this movie, I had learnt that a health professional should try their best to improve the quality of life of patients but not just delaying death. One of the quotes that I like the most in this movie is ‘You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a

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