Reflection On The Nanking Massacre

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Nanking Massacre I was only about 19 when the Japanese soldiers started to come in in December of 1937. As an escape, I along with many others looked for refuge at a camp, resulting in me leaving behind my family. All was well at the camp but one day, while I was outside the camp taking a stroll like I do every day, I was captured by a solider and brought to a nearby pond. Being only 19, I was very confused and frightened, not knowing what to expect and how this all would affect me. I remember feeling my heart pounding through my chest and my hands shaking uncontrollably. Looking up from the ground, I looked ahead of me and saw a troop of soldiers standing with machine guns waiting to fire. That’s when one shot his gun and like dominoes they all began to shoot their guns. Having a sense of panic run through me I fell to the ground faking my death while others were being shot down by the guns. The limp bodies fell on top of me and it became difficult for me to breathe, but knowing this was my only…show more content…
This time though I was lucky, all they had needed me for was to work at a factory for them. Although this wasn’t too bad, this is where I had begun to really see the cruelty of the Japanese troops. I recall one day walking to work going the long way since I was a little bit early and I had come across this road with a few hundred Chinese civilians all collapsed on the road. In a distance, I could see the Japanese trucks coming down the road no sign of stopping pretending that they could not see the people on the ground. Right over the bodies they drove the screams clouding through the air, blood filling the streets. “Streets of blood” is what they called it when a large group of people laid dead on the road. I turned back the other way because I couldn’t bear to see it anymore, and walked down the street with caution, back to the factory tried to force myself to think I hadn’t just seen what
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