How To Write A Reaction Paper About Opium Museum

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Reflection: A walk through the Hall of the Opium Museum

On Wednesday, 5 July 2017, I went to visit the Opium Museum of Thailand expecting it to be a boring event. However, in Just after the entrance at the lobby, there I noticed sensitive wall art works displaying the brutality of war. One thing grabbed my attention that a mother is trying to hide her child, an attempt to protect a little child from war lords and their soldiers. Even though it made me sad, but, I still managed to pay less attention as my mission was to know about opium, not any war this time.

The journey began with a couple of descriptive maps followed by a documentary film. With no surprise, the contribution of the Royal Thai Family in preventing the opium addiction among Hill Tribes and others were told, however, surprisingly, the message of
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The black sea, Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Siam and the China & India-these sea map offers a great indication of geo politics along water resources issues. The gulf of Siam tells why Thailand is particularly important location for this issue that previously the British used this route for their trade ignoring (or failing to manage) India and China. This also indicates that countries were divided, attacked each other to gain profits from the opium which is not even an essential part of human life, what will countries do when there will be a huge water shortages or excessive flows as an impact of climatic changes? Looking at those historical war events and locations, all I have been sensing future wars over water resources, specifically transboundary water issues might involve neighbouring countries in wars. As war came up, the Mughal War Elephants in India knocked me too at the museum. The elephants were fed opium to make them calm in the battle, and regain energy. Now, it’s a time to add animal rights and safety regulations in war
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