Reflection On The Outsiders

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I’ve realized that today people criticize you by your past when they should really criticize you on what you’ll do for the future. Like the greasers, they are criticized by how they look, and their past. They are being ruined and almost killed for their characteristics when really that should bring them closer together. In this classic novel, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, take a look as hatred from differences unravels in a compelling and mischievous way. Reading this book is like falling into a tunnel of excitement the deeper you get the better and more hectic it gets. My theme is hatred from differences and it contributes to The Outsiders because there are a lot of signs of the greaser going to war with the Socs due to hatred.

My theme is hatred from differences and it pertains to the story by the fact that the greasers and the Socs are hateful towards each other because of their differences. And an example of hatred from differences is when Pony boy said to himself, “I heard a muttered curse and got slugged again, and they were stuffing a handkerchief in my mouth. This shows hatred from
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Evidence from the novel is when Pony boy said that he was going to cut the Soc up if he got any closer when Two-Bit and him were at the gas station. An explanation of the evidence is when he pulls out the knife and threatens to stab them with it. Extra evidence from the novel that hatred from differences is the theme of this book is when Dally had gotten upset and mad at the fact that Johnny had just died and that he went out and robbed a gas station to relieve some of his anger. A further explanation of the evidence I gave is when Dally pulls out a gun on the cashier and told the man at the cash register to give him the money. The theme in the end of the novel is treat others how you wanted to be
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