Reflection On The Role Of Supervision In Social Work

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After intervening or interaction with different stakeholders within the service industry it is always important for a practitioner to reflect on those interactions or interventions made. The reflection helps us evaluate our growth at personal and professional levels. Supervision is a good aspect of personal growth of different people and it is important that people receive supervision. During fieldwork placement all the students are assigned supervisors that are to help the student reach their learning outcomes and adapt to the service provision in the agency. I was attached at the Sekgoma Memorial Hospital in Serowe during my third year placement. In this paper I will reflect on the supervision I was given in Sekgoma.
In defining supervision Wonnacott (2012) supervision is a process in which one is given the role or delegated to work with other members of the organization in order to meet certain needs or objectives that are organization based, personal and even some professional in order to achieve better outcomes in service delivery. According to Kadushin & Harkness (2014) supervision in social work is when a social worker indirectly offers the best services in terms of quality and quantity in accordance with agency procedures and processes through, supportive, administrative and educational functions. To achieve this the social worker has to coordinate, direct, enhance and evaluate the performance of the supervisee while the supervisee carries out the
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