Reflection On The Suffering Of God In The Prophets

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Reflection Paper on “The Suffering of God in the Prophets” By Dr. Terence E. Fretheim on Tuesday 3 February 2015 “What kind of God do you believe in?”, one question from an abstract of the public lecture on “The Suffering of God in the Prophets” by Dr. Terence E. Fretheim draws my attention to the fact that I did not understand much about the concept of God 's suffering. I am currently taking Old Testament Exegesis 2: Prophets, Wisdom and Psalms and we learn from the class that God shared His suffering with His people through the works of the prophets in the OT. This concept was quite difficult for me to understand at first because of my limitation to understand God. It did not make sense to me for the reason why God needs to share the suffering for His people since He is the supreme God. His status is above everything and He has the authority to control everything in this world. Due to my limitation to understand Him, I ever thought before that the world is a big puppet theater for Him and all of His creations are under His manipulation of puppets. From the OT 2 class and the lecture by Dr. Fretheim, I have a new question for myself. Or maybe it could be the question for Christians in term of how we understand God. And this question is “Do we understand our God?” This question has triggered me to look at the myself and my church, especially for our response in time of natural disaster. Even though the natural disaster does not affect my church or church members

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